Rates & Availability

*Now booking 2022/2023

Our calendar fills up fast. If the Whitetail dates you want are taken, ask about our non-native exotic hunts – we have plenty of availability.

Premium Whitetail Hunting Packages

$ 3,595 per person, No hidden fees

  • ACTION!! Lots of Quality Deer
  • 4 days of hunting – expect success!!
  • 1 buck, 1 doe, and take a turkey and javelina at no extra charge.
  • Rattling hunt included, conditions permitting.
  • Free Shuttle to and from Airport
  • No trophy fees. No extra fees whatsoever
Whitetail Deer hunts
Whitetail Deer

Whitetail Management Hunts

Call for Availability

3 1/2 days, harvest a buck 8 pts or less. Take a doe, hen, javelina at no extra charge. Bookings available near end of season only. Call for more details.

Spring Turkey

$1,250 per person

  • 3 1/2 days of hunting
  • Lodge facilities, transportation to/from airport, and food included
  • 2 birds per person
  • Discounts for groups of 6+
  • Origin: Native

You should see and hear lots of gobblers

Spring Turkey

Non-Native Exotic Hunts

*Now booking 2022-2023

  • No lodging fees if an animal is harvested. If there is no kill, you pay the daily lodging rate only ($250 per day per person)
  • Our exotic area is One Square Mile with heavy brush and clearings.
  • Our animals are WILD !!! NO CANNED HUNTS !!!
  • NO KILL = NO TROPHY FEES: Only pay daily lodging rate ($250 pp)

Our exotic area is over one square mile with heavy brush and clearings.  Our animals are not in pens – no “canned” hunts!

Blackbuck Antelope
$ 2,400
Origin:  India

Blackbuck Antelope
Blackbuck Antelope

Axis Bucks
(our genetics are superior)
$ 2,950
Axis Doe
(when available)
$ 275
Origin:  Indian subcontinent

Axis Buck
Axis Buck

(these are super trophies)
$ 2,800
Origin:  Meditteranean, Sardinia


Scimitar-horned Oryx
$ 4,700 when available
Origin: Africa

These rare animals are fresh off the endangered list. Great trophy, and the meat is excellent.

Scimitar-horned Oryx
Scimitar-horned Oryx

Trophy Fallow Deer
$ 3,500

Huge!  Makes a great addition to any trophy room – the hides are beautiful too.

Trophy Fallow Deer
Trophy Fallow Deer

$ 2,650


Special Exotic Two Species Package Hunts

– Call for Pricing and Availability


  • MOUFLON and AXIS 3 day Hunt $4,999
  • ORYX and AXIS $5,999
  • BLACKBUCK and AXIS $4,800
  • MOUFLON and ORYX call for availability
Oryx / Axis combo hunt
Oryx / Axis combo hunt

Make your own combination and we’ll make you a deal!

Call for availability and pricing for Fallow and Sika Deer

Call about our first-of-season dove hunts… LOTS of ACTION !!
Minimum 4 hunters.