2013 Year in Review


Rancho Vedado has Banner Success !!

IMG_0159Rancho Vedado has had the best Turkey year, ever, with 100 % success for our first 2 groups of turkey hunters.  Wayne Kendrick from Louisiana had the biggest bird, with Gary Zimmerman from Ohio taking runner up honors.  We are looking for a great season next year, as we have a ton of JAKES still here !!  Enjoyed hunting with all of you guys, hope to see you next year !!  Steve

Blind Approach

Some hunters think that deer are traveling a great distance to arrive at the feeder or food plot – when in truth, the buck may be bedded down just a few yards away.  If he hears you, chances are the big boy is not making an appearance.

You may have less mature animals show up, but the old buck you’re hunting is too cautious.  It’s why he’s gotten to be a mature deer.

So be extra careful in your approach to your blind…Be early and stay late, use some cover scent, and QUIET PLEASE!


At Rancho Vedado, we say “Shoot or be Trampled”

  1. Preparation – Always spray scent cover and camo up well, including gloves and face mask. Set your scope to its lowest setting.
  2. Persistence – Don’t give up and think it just doesn’t “work for me” – did you catch that ten pound bass on the first cast?
  3. Patience – The average time to bring in a good buck is about 25 minutes of “convincing” rattling. Always plan for at least 40 minutes per location.
  4. LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION – Pick a spot with deer sign nearby. The wind can be important, however deer may show up from any direction. Pick a spot where the Buck may have to travel past the hunter in order to find the fight that is going on!!

Often, the Buck will come in from the nearest course, then when he can’t sort it out, he’ll circle around and approach downwind. This is very common.

There’s no better thrill than to beat a wily Buck at his own game !